About The Pet Nanny Business
ThePetNanny, LLC (The Pet Nanny) is a licensed, insured and bonded pet sitting and dog walking business first established in North Wilmington (Delaware). The company has expanded its reach and now provides in-your-home pet sitting, pet and basic home care and dog walking in Northern New Castle County, Southeastern PA, the D.C. Metro area and the Brooklyn, NY area. Please click here to see our rates and complete line of services.

About The Pet Nanny Owner
Dale Swift (covering the DC Metro area) is married and recently moved to North Bethesda, Maryland with her husband. In her previous careers, she was first an English teacher (5 years); a substitute teacher while her children were at home; a documentation specialist for a computer software firm; and finally, a marketing communications professional for 12 years for a major corporation in Wilmington, Delaware.

There have always been pets in her home. Dale, her husband and her two children (now grown and on their own) have shared their home with dogs, cats, bunnies, parakeets, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish. She volunteered at Tri-State Bird Rescue for two years and loved it. Dale often dreamed about starting another career after retirement that would allow her to work with animals in some fashion when the time was right.

The last pet to make his way into the family’s life was a wonderful black and white mutt. Dale’s hopeful son brought him home one day after finding the pup wandering around their busy city streets. The pup was starving, flea-infested and anxious to be loved. Dale relented and bathed the dog--just to make him more comfortable. Three baths later, he was free of fleas and had snuggled his way into her heart. Her son named the pup Hercules and held his breath that no one would claim him from the newspaper ad Dale had run. No one did, and soon everyone in the family had pet names for him. Hercules endeared himself to each member of the family. There was no choice in the matter; he was pure love.

dale and herk

Dale with Hercky at Candlewood Lake in Danbury, CT

dale herk and matt

Dale and her son comforting 13-year-old Hercky, who was recuperating from a splenectomy

After a near-fatal pit-bull attack, the barely 30-pound Hercky had to have surgery. He was hurting and scared. And though surrounded by a doting family, he just couldn’t seem to relax. So Dale learned T-Touch Massage to help to soothe his jangled nerves and relax his tense muscles. It seemed to make a huge difference in Hercky’s ability to trust again, release the tension in his muscles, and sleep easier.

Six years after taking early retirement, the loss of her beloved Hercky (at age 14, due to hemangiosarcoma: cancer of the lining of the blood vessels) became the eventual impetus for Dale to take steps to make her long-held dream come true.

Three months after Hercky’s death, she began pet sitting and gained firsthand experience in all things related to the business. In mid-April, 2008, she earned her American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certificate to provide basic lifesaving care to pets in an emergency situation. In May, she began taking her first customers as The Pet Nanny. Dale is pleased to personally offer her services to pet owners in the D.C. Metro area and welcomes your business, interest, comments and questions.

For pictures of Hercky and his family click here.

laure and herk

Dale’s daughter with Lamb in better days. (Lamb was her favorite name for the pup.)

dad and herk

Dale’s husband walking Herbie at Brandywine Creek State Park. (Herbie was his favorite name for the pup.)


Introducing Lauren Swift, Partner, The Pet Nanny

(Traveling Pet Nanny, overseeing the PA and Brooklyn regions)


Lauren Swift is the owner’s daughter and Partner in the business. Her love of animals began as a child and has never waned. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, but her passion has always been animals. A New Yorker for the last 12 years, Lauren has volunteered with Mighty Mutts & B.A.R.C.--two independent dog rescue and no-kill shelters based in NYC, as well as being involved with the Humane Society in Manhattan. She has participated in these organizations’ initiatives to promote animal welfare, stable and healthy environments and permanent adoption through walking shelter dogs who need exercise, encouragement and some special, loving attention. She has been instrumental in getting others to join her in that interest, so many of the dogs at the NYC shelters have enjoyed extra TLC from Lauren and her friends.

Lauren and Georgie

Georgie and Lauren - Dyker Beach Park

Lauren is the traveling Pet Nanny among us. Though her home is in Brooklyn, she covers jobs wherever needed—including DE, PA and metropolitan D.C.—not just New York City. When Dale recently learned she and her husband were moving to North Bethesda, MD, Lauren quickly pitched in and began covering clients in Pennsylvania. This past winter, she worked with clients’ pets in PA, NYC, DE and those of one new client of Dale’s in Virginia. At this time, Lauren is the manager of the southeastern PA region that serves Chester and Delaware counties.

Currently, Lauren is finalizing the details of the Pet Nanny NYC. She will be operating The Pet Nanny in NYC. Staff members of the fully-licensed branch will serve pets throughout Brooklyn, Western Queens and parts of Manhattan. On April 27, 2009, after completing her training, Lauren received her Pet First Aid Certificate from the American Red Cross of Greater New York.



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