Our Mission:

The Pet Nanny is dedicated to delivering the kind of care you would provide to your pets if you were there. We promise to provide:

 Our Business Philosophy:

The Pet Nanny strives to form a true partnership with clients. We understand the relationship we develop with you—and your pets—requires trust. So we take every measure possible to ensure your security and confidentiality. We also want to assure you that we are trustworthy, dependable, professional, and dedicated to delivering the best possible care to your pets. That’s why everyone who works for The Pet Nanny must agree to a background check.

We make it a priority to listen to you. That means we will follow the routine you request in the manner you request. We want you to know this work is not something we do simply because we see it as a viable business venture or part-time job. We do it because it is the work we WANT to be doing. Working with animals is our passion, so we can honestly say that each interaction we have with your pet(s) is a truly rewarding and joyful experience.

To further our goal of building a relationship with you, we promise to: