What Customers Are Saying About The Pet Nanny . . .

Testimonial e-mail from my longest-running (and beloved) customer, Brenda R., to a new customer who had never used a pet sitting service in her home before:

“I also never used a pet sitter until Dale started watching my dogs and honestly it's the best thing I have ever done. She is such a great caretaker and really loves and takes care of my 2 dogs.  She comes every day to walk them, and beyond the 30-minute walk that I pay her for she always stays and plays with them, gives them treats (is even teaching them to roll over), and brushes them and washes them down if they get dirty on their walk.  She leaves me extremely detailed reports every day of her time with them and even occasionally takes pictures and emails them to me.  My 2 dogs LOVE her and they usually take awhile to warm up to people, she is like family to them now.  I highly recommend Dale. She is exceptionally reliable and trustworthy and I would feel comfortable with her staying in my home with my dogs anytime.  In fact, I'm not comfortable leaving them with anyone but Dale now. “

Brenda has 2 adorable Yorkshire Terriers, Sebastian and Stella.

Stella with her bear.

Sebastian resting on a cushion.

Stella and Sebastian barely containing themselves as squirrels dance just out of reach.

Testimonial from an absolutely dear, supportive and wonderful couple, Jim and Helen S:

"Dale is an excellent pet sitter whom we would not hesitate to recommend. Because of Dale’s detailed & caring attitude, we never have to worry about the well being of our pets while we are away. Dale’s love of her job & her “clients” is evident from the first time that we all met her, and the feeling is very mutual."

Jim and Helen’s family includes a beautiful and active 2 1/2-year-old chocolate lab and glossy-coated talker of a male cat their vet estimates to be about 5 years old.

Dunnie has energy to spare and adores playing fetch and taking walks.

Shamrock showing off his glorious coat.

Testimonial from Chevy's adoring, young momma--Shannon Y:

"Using the Pet Nanny was my first experience with an in-your-home pet sitter. Being a protective mom, I was a little apprehensive at first. But any worries vanished after I was able to meet Dale beforehand at the consult, where we became acquainted. At the same time, Dale got to interact with Chevy a little and hear about his habits and routines. After seeing them together, and talking further with Dale, I had full confidence that while I was away Chevy would be not only for cared properly, but also loved.

The Pet Nanny always leaves a detailed report of her time spent with Chevy. In fact, her reports are so detailed that when I read them I feel like I am right there with them, seeing everything. Knowing that Dale is there whenever Chevy and I need her helps me feel less guilty about leaving my cat at home when I have business trips/vacations. It's nice to know that there is someone out there who cares as much for my cat as I do. The attention she gives to Chevy is far superior to the care even my friends or family members could provide.

Highly recommended. 4 Stars"

Shannon owns this laugh-a-minute character of a kitten named Chevy, who turned 6 months old on September 1.

So darned cute.

Chevy AKA Wild Man.

Testimonial from Rachael H., an absolute delight with a great sense of humor, whose beautiful cats are pictured below:

"I would recommend Dale to anyone. She is a lovely friendly lady who obviously cares about animals and enjoys spending time with them. She took excellent care of our cats Toohey and Watson while we were away, playing with them and cleaning their coats as well as feeding them every day. When she thought the cats were getting bored she even turned up with a new toy for them (thanks Dale!). Detailed reports on paper and some emailed comments really put our minds at rest while we were on vacation. I think the cats missed her when we got back and took over - I'm sure they will be looking forward to the next visit from the Pet Nanny!"

Toohey being coy.

Watson insists he can play with all the toys at once.

Testimonial from my lovely, very kind and fabulously talented client, Christie C:

"I'm very grateful I found Dale to take care of my girls (Keelie and Kaya) when I need her. Although I would rarely need additional care for my kitties Sly and Kira, I know I would be able to count on Dale to take care of them if needed, as well. Dale is unfailingly reliable, bubbly, loving and thorough. You can tell that she LOVES animals and my girls clearly respond to her. She provides the most lovely write-ups after her visits, which are so entertaining, informative and enthusiastic. I wholeheartedly recommend Dale for anyone who wants loving, reliable, safe care for their furry loved ones!!"

Christie should have been an animal trainer! The Pet Nanny has never seen dogs and cats get along so calmly and lovingly. Her canine family members are her sweetheart of a German Shepherd, Kaya, who is 5 years old; and her strikingly beautiful, bouncy and comical Keelie, a 4-month old German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd Mix.

Sweet Girl Kaya--the smile tells it all.

Keelie doing her favorite thing--chewing!